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This site has been a long time coming. Photography is my passion. When I studied photography their was no such thing as Photoshop. I was taught that if you can’t take the photo you want then put away the camera and do something else. None of my photo’s have been doctored in any way except for the removal of the occasional red-eye or to crop a picture to make it look a bit better on the eyes.

I created this site for two reasons. One to showcase my favourite photos and the second reason is for friends, family and my car club members to see what we have been doing and to look at their photos.

I don’t believe in enhancing the colours or adding clouds, sunlight effects  and the like. All of my photos are 100% natural and untouched.

I am also a Rolls-Royce and Bentley enthusiast as you will see by some of my albums. I am a member and a Club Photogrspher of the Rolls-Royce Club of Australia (Vic Branch) and each year I produce a calendar for club members and sell them wherever I can. All profits I donate to my favourite charity.

I currently own The Cartridge Warehouse which keeps me off the streets and very busy.

In a previous business I used to produce swimsuit calendars. Some of my favourite photos are here also.

Please feel free to look at my photos and download them for yourself. All I ask is that you give me credit whenever and where ever you use them. I have deliberately not put watermarks on my photos so they can be used by the people who enjoy them. I am not interested in messing around and making my photos un-usable or inaccessible so people can’t copy them. If someone is so low as to pinch my photos and use them to gain credit for themselves then so be it! The Karma bus goes around in circles you know.

Enjoy!! Feel free to email me at 

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

My first camera was a Box Camera and I only had Black & White film in those days. After moving to 35mm Fuji and Canon EOS 1000 camera’s. I now use a Canon 7D and 5D Mk III Digital.

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